Cane Corso Breed Standard

Cane Corso Breed Standard

From the history of the breed: 
Cane Corso is a direct descendant of the old Roman dog. In the past, these dogs were spread throughout Italy; in the recent past, the breed was only prevalent in the Province Apulia and in the adjacent regions of Southern Italy. This name derives from Latin "cohors", which means "protector, guardian of the farmyard."

Country of origin: 
General appearance: 
Rather massive, robust, sturdy and at the same time elegant, with lean, powerful muscles. 
Height and Weight: 
Height: male dogs - about 25 - 27 inches (64-68 cm); females - 24 - 25 inches (60-64 cm). 
Weight: males – about 99 - 110 lb (45-50 kg); females - 88 - 99 lb (40-45 kg).

Index of stretching is 110 (ratio of height at the withers to the oblique body length); index of legs height is 50 (ratio of height to the elbow to the height at the withers). 
Short, shiny and very dense, with a light undercoat. 
Black, lead-grey, light grey, light fawn, stag red and dark fawn, brindle (stripes on different shades of fawn or grey); in fawn colored and brindle dogs the black or grey mask on the muzzle should not go beyond the eye line. A small white mark on the chest, on the tips of the feet and on the bridge of the nose is acceptable. 
Large and typically molossoid. The upper longitudinal axes of the skull and muzzle converge slightly. 
Cranial part: 
Skull: wide; its width is equal to or bigger than its length. Convex in front, it becomes fairly flat behind the forehead as far as the occiput. The medio-frontal furrow is visible. 

Facial part: 
Black and large with ample, nostrils are open, on the same line as the nasal bridge.
Noticeably shorter than the skull (the ratio of the muzzle to the skull is approximately 1:2); massive, square, the front part of the muzzle is flat; the lateral sides are parallel; the muzzle width equals to length. The profile of the nasal bridge is straight. 
The upper lip hang moderately and covers the mandible, so that the lower profile of the muzzle is determined by the lips. Moderately pendulous upper lip covers the lower jaw in such a way that it determines the lower profile of the muzzle. 
Jaws are very large, thick and curved. Slightly undershot. Level bite is acceptable, but not desirable. 
Triangular, drooping, wide at the base, highly set. Often cropped in the shape of an equilateral triangle. 
Strong, muscular, as long as the head. 

Somewhat longer than the height at the withers. Sturdily built, but not squat. 
Well-developed in three dimensions, reaches to the elbow. 
Set on fairly high. Very thick at the root. Docked at the fourth vertebra. In action carried high, but never curled nor erect. 
Shoulder: long, oblique, very muscular. 
Upper arm: strong.
Forearm: straight, very strong. 
Carpal joint and pasterns: elastic. 
Forefeet: cat feet. 

Upper thigh: long, wide, back line of thigh convex. 
Lower thigh: strong, not fleshy. 
Hocks: moderately angulated. 
Metatarsals: thick and sinewy. 
Hindfeet: slightly less compact than the forefeet. 
Attractive features: 
Cane Corso is gentle and affectionate family friend; train him/her with love and without the use of force. It is necessary for him/her to have open space, but also, like all Mastiff dogs this breed requires attention and the owner's company.